Kettlebell- & Widerstandsband-Training für Athleten

Kettlebell & Resistance Band Workout for Athletes

What is sport? Sport is the best compromise between passion and ambition, between hard work and fun. Sport goes to find your weaknesses and confronts them...
30 Minuten Ganzkörper-AMRAP Kettlebell-Training
Alyssa Kuhn

30 Minuten Ganzkörper-AMRAP Kettlebell-Training

Full Body Beginner Kettlebell Workout Explained by a Physical Therapist If you are looking for a kettlebell beginner workout that will get your heart raci...
Total Body Kettlebell Workout by Kettlebell Kings

Total Body Kettlebell Workout by Kettlebell Kings

A total body kettlebell workout is easy to do, whether you're working out at the gym or at home. This type of workout will build full body power and strengt...
girevoy sport

What is Kettlebell Sport and What are the Rules?

The rules below are posted from, which is the American Kettlebell Alliance. The AKA puts on kettlebell sport competitions all over the United States and is responsible for the ...
Master the Hip Hinge to Optimize Your Kettlebell Swing
Jordan Duncan

Master the Hip Hinge to Optimize Your Kettlebell Swing

Although it may look easy when watching someone who is very proficient, there are a lot of crucial components that go into learning how to swing a kettlebell. One element of the swin...
Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle Tutorial | Kettlebell Sport Basics

Kettlebell Exercise Long Cycle Tutorial | Kettlebell sports basics

If you haven't yet seen the Swing Clean or Jerk videos, please view them now as these tutorials progress in order. Long Cycle combines Swing Clean with Jer...
7 Most Common Kettlebell Exercises Mistakes
Erin Mahoney

7 Most Common Kettlebell Exercise Mistakes

A kettlebell workout adds a functional training element to a program, but be careful of these common kettlebell mistakes. Of all the kettlebell mistakes you can make, the most common oc...
Kettlebell Sport Basics: Kettlebell Swing Clean

Kettlebell Exercise Basics: Kettlebell Swing Clean

The Swing Clean is part of Long Cycle, one of the three traditional kettlebell sport lifts. Men use 2 bells, women can use one, switching hands one time in 1...
Kettlebell Sport Snatch Jerk | Kettlebell Sport Basics

Kettlebell Sports Snatch Jerk | Kettlebell sports basics

Kettlebell Sports Basics : Jerk If you haven't yet viewed the Kettlebell Sport Swing Clean, please view now as these tutorial progress in order. The Jerk...