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Kettlebells Kings have an unmatched feel, texture and a well-formed, balanced kettlebell. Our quality construction consists of a void-free surface, smooth handle and a well machined flat base for stability. All of these lead to more comfortable workouts so you reach your goals. Our products are uniquely designed and we have consulted with the foremost experts to create kettlebells that work effectively for functional training. Kettlebell Kings offers fast, free kettlebell shipping and each purchase is guaranteed with lifetime warranties and third parties who guarantee your purchase prote.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What do Kettlebells do to the body?

Kettlebells focus on improving the overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination of your body. Kettlebells can help in melting body fatand further sculpting healthy and lean muscles. The best thing about Kettlebells is that it offers a wide range of movements that aims at targeting every muscle group for a total body workout. We recommend following an expert workout plan to achieve your goals.

What results and how fast do you see it with Kettlebells?

An individual can observe results with kettlebell within 30 days. With a good diet and expert created kettlebell training program, an individual can start to see cardio, strength, muscle, and fat loss improvements.

Results Include:

Cardio:Kettlebell training can be challenging to the cardiovascular system in nature because it includes exercises that challenge the heart and lungs in a short space of time. Continuous kettlebell swings and other ballistic exercises can impart a metabolic challenge with sufficient intensity.Strength:The kettlebell challenges the body in multiple positions that improve functional strength. The kettlebell clean and press is an excellent exercise for developing strength.Core Integration:One of the biggest advantages of kettlebell training is the ability to create a strong core without direct work. This helps create a stronger core that can result in alleviating back pain for many.Pain-free Mobility:With the help of the Kettlebell, some have observed reduction in joint pain and improvement in joint mobility due to the multi-directional patterns one can perform.

What weight kettlebell should I buy?

On average, an active person should start akettlebell between 16kg/35 lb to 24kg/53 lb. Currently inactive people should consider starting with a 6kg/13lb to an 8 kg/18 lb kettlebell. You can read a more thorough posthere.

Why are kettlebells so good?

Kettlebells are highly effective because they stimulate the muscles and surpass standard cardio exercises. Kettlebell also enables an individual to increase body strength. These further help in building up the speed and the endurance level all at the same time. Kettlebells are used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility while strengthening the core and improving flexibility. Kettlebell’s unique shape and off-center mass force an individual to use muscles that mimic real-life activities.