Learn Proper Breathing Techniques For Kettlebell Sport From a World Champion

Learn Proper Breathing Techniques For Kettlebell Sport From a World Champion

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Kimberly Fox is a World Champion kettlebell lifter and a member of Team USA. She will be representing Team USA at the IUKL World Championships in Seoul, South Korea this year which are the world championships for Kettlebell Sport in which the best lifters from all of the world compete. We asked Kimberly if she would share some of her best advice and tips for Kettlebell Sport training with us leading up to the World Championships and she was very happy to help.

This is an exciting year for women in Kettlebell Sport because this is the first year women will be competing in Two Arm Long Cycle . Kim competes with TWO 24 kilogram competition kettlebells and will be going for personal and world records in reps in South Korea. The top kettlebell athletes in the world will be competing in Seoul to represent their countries and Kim has some awesome goals we wanted to learn about.

Additionally, we were able to ask her a handful of questions to try and learn more about how she started competing in Kettlebell Sport as well as her goals for herself. You can watch the full video below in which she goes over proper breathing technique and answers our questions about her kettlebell background.

Q. How long have you been training with kettlebells?

A. I started training kettlebell 5 years ago.

Q. How were you introduced to kettlebells?

A. I was mostly doing some hybrid hard style technique I had learned from YouTube videos. A friend, Matt Sanders, saw that I was really interested in kettlebells and told me about GS. I was instantly hooked. When I first started training, I used other people's goals to set my own. But you can never truly grow and develop unless you are true to your own goals.

Q. What are your goals for your kettlebell training?

A. My current goals are to push myself to where I couldn't think I could go. Kettlebell sport is the opportunity to push myself to a new level at each training session. At some point that level will be 70 Long Cycle reps with 24kg bells and then to win at the IUKL worlds in Korea.


Kim Fox discusses proper breathing technique in kettlebell sport, proper breathing is a key factor to getting the most out of your sets and training! Learn more about how you can support Kim in her goals to win the world championships here !

Q. We noticed your website for Fox Fitness focuses a lot on BJJ. We publish a lot on BJJ as well. Do you use kettlebells for BJJ training? If so, how?

My husband and I own a BJJ gym. I have been working to integrate the use of KBs into the BJJ community because I have noticed the improvement of strength and endurance on the mats.

It's amazing how the endurance achieved through kettlebells directly translates to other sports. When I first started training kettlebell I was playing softball. Over the course of 4 months of training during the winter and spring, I noticed the following softball season that my hip strength had increased tremendously. I have always been an excellent power hitter, but I went from hitting home runs a couple times a season to 1-2 per game. It was crazy and this was with no additional sports training. The only difference was the addition of kettlebells. My realization of this, is what really hooked me to kettlebells.

I guess the most profound thing about kettlebells is you don't really know how awesome it is until well after the fact. Things we all wish we could have known sooner.

Q. We noticed Kim Fox support shirts on Facebook, what can you tell us about those?

Well, Claire Davies set up a Go FundMe to help support me and women in kettlebell sport as this is the first time women's doubles has been offered at the IUKL worlds, so it is a very big deal to us women who have been competing in kettlebell Sport for a while. Honestly, I hate asking for money so the shirt idea was my compromise with Claire. She felt that wasn't enough, lol, so she made a page too. All proceeds for the shirts will got to help fund our trip to Korea to represent Team USA. The shirts are available for local and international shipping and shirt sales will go until Friday, September 22.

Q. Will there be a way to watch you compete?

Yes, there is always a live stream from the competitors. The best way to find out more is to visit the IUKL website !

Thank you Kim! We wish the best for you at IUKL World Championships and will be grabbing some of these t-shirts to support you!

You can find out more about Kim Fox on her Facebook page for Fox Fitness here , on Instagram as @kettlebellkimfox and her website !

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