Kettlebell Snatch Basics: Part 5

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Kettlebell Basics: Part 5 with Lorna Kleidman

A very common question and one that I struggled with for a long time is, “How long should the back swing be & is it the same length with heavier bells?”

To answer this, you need to think about what's happening in the negative aspect or drop phase, otherwise trying to apply a specific type of back swing will be putting the cart before the horse.

The length of the back swing is different among lifters depending on arm and trunk length. Beyond that it's the result of absorbing the deceleration via the hamstrings& the spinal muscles. The key is finding the end point of the pendulum while extending the knees and slightly relaxing the grip, then letting the bell come out into the upswing as discussed in Part 4.

If the hamstrings and spinal muscles aren't yet developed to adequately absorb the negative load, it will be significantly more challenging, perhaps creating an excessively long back swing as a result of the bell pulling the lifter.

As you'll see, the length of the back swing doesn't change much for me when comparing 12kg to 24kg.

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Lorna lives in Manhattan with her husband.

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