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New 33MM Handle Competition Kettlebell

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We are excited to introduce our new 33mm handle competition kettlebell . Our goal as a company has always been to listen to lifter feedback and provide the kettlebells that lifters need. Since we have been in business there has always been a desire from some lifters to have a 33 millimeter handle. We believe we have released a kettlebell that a lot of lifters can support. We sent out samples of the prototype to a number of the top Kettlebell Sport and Team USA members and the support has been overwhelming. We are really happy with what some of the top lifters in the United States have had to say:

"The distribution of weight in the Kings new 33m model - at lockout and in rack - is very even, creating a comfortable stability unique to most bells on the market. The window allows for a quick, secure insertion, and the 33m handle allows for a solid grip even from smaller hands. I'm very happy with the quality of these bells!" - Melissa Swanson, 2xMSIC and North American Record Holder

We wanted to share some thoughts on what went into creating the new bell below as well as show you a video review by a member of Team USA.

These competition style kettlebells have 33 millimeter handles compared to the 35 millimeter handles of our other competition kettlebells. These bells are ideal for someone who prefers a slightly smaller handle diameter for high repetition kettlebell workouts. Just like all of our other bells, they have a lifetime warranty. Here are some of the highlights:

  • SAFETY , our competition kettlebells are specifically top-heavy molded with a thicker handle base and a greater percentage of load toward the top of the bell's body. This ensures that the kettlebell does not pull the lifter's arm to the outside when overhead or in the rack (resting at waist level) yielding injury prevention and energy conservation.
  • CONES, enlarged cones on side angle of bell for greater comfort on hands, wrist and forearm in wreck and overhead position. Doug Seamans, who competes for Team USA in Kettlebell Sport, shares his thoughts, "Now, the cone/ear, this is also a big deal because the more material can be cast into this area, the more comfortable it will be in rack and in overhead position, and the quicker you will feel insertion on the clean and snatch.But and even bigger deal about casting more material into this part of the bell is that it changes the center mass or balance of the bell.The more weight there is in the handle the less weight there will be in the body of the bell, thus bringing the center of the mass closer to your wrist which will keep your wrists from fatigue early in your sets.Lastly, changing the center of the mass also changes the flip or rotational speed of the bell and the impact it has on your forearms and wrists, because the bell takes less energy to spin or flip in snatch and clean movements, you will again conserve energy and may gain some speed in those movements and you will fatigue less quickly.

HANDLE, TEARDROP SHAPE, the handle is modeled after Ural style bells with a 'teardrop' shaped handle which is 35mm from top to bottom and 33mm side to side. This is shape that more naturally fits in your hands. If you make the shape of your hand when it holds a bell it is not perfectly cylindrical, it is smaller side to side then it is top to bottom. In the video review below, Doug shares his thoughts on all of these items. You can read and watch his full review HERE as well.

Team USA Lifter Reviews new 33mm Competition Kettlebell

Additionally, just like our 35mm model these models have pitted handles for even easier application of grip with or without chalk:

  • PITTED HANDLE, untreated and unpolished handle for better grip out of the box with our without chalk

Thanks for reading about our new bell! We would be glad to answer any questons you have at 855-7KETTLE or in the comments section below!


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