L-Sit Swings For Improving Kettlebell Swings

L-Sit Swings For Improving Kettlebell Swings

We have previously collaborated with Nicholas Anderson of Legion Tactical Athletics in Ventura California in order to demonstrate the utilization of body weight methods for kettlebell training. In this post we will be breaking down how the practice of body weight movements can improve the kettlebell swing. First, Nicholas will explain a bit about the principles. Make sure you have good shoulder mobility and lat control to perform this movement as it is not something you should do as a beginner. The goal of the L-Sit Swing is to do the opposite movement of the hip hinge normally involved in a kettlebell swing to strengthen your body and improve your kettlebell swings .

L sit swings

The L-Sit Swing is a unique movement that, like a kettlebell swing (both hard and soft style), engages grip, lat activation, and core powered hinging. This movement stands as a complimentary opposite to the kettlebell swing; they use similar mechanics but in a different plane of motion.

Your kettlebell swing drives power from the posterior chain and core, upwards, while the lats engage to resist the cannonball of kettlebell from putting a hole into your beloved training space. The L-Sit Swing uses the lats to try and pull the pull-up bar that is overhead down and forward while assisting the motion by engaging the core for a power hinge at the hips. These two actions together, as in your kettle swing, compound to make a deep, powerful, swing like motion.

If your swing is hinging hip drive into vertical plank to lat pull; then your L-Sit Swing is your vertical plank with lats to pull into your hinging hip drive.

Be sure you have the pre-requisite shoulder mobility before attempting. This is not a standard kip. We are not trying to muscle up over the bar. We are trying to fire our lats and core together with increasingly more power than you would in your kettlebell swing . Keep your elbows locked and the pressure of your grip pressing into the pinky side of the hand to ensure the fullest amount of lat activation.

Keeping the body's motor patterns balanced and increasingly sophisticated is a challenge, but these kind of skills that parallel and translate to our other movements of training can become valuable tools to evolve our athletic development. Practice only one rep at a time before working into sequential reps.


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