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Kettlebells For Aesthetics Training Program

Most people associate kettlebells with strength and functional training, but what make the kettlebell one of the most diverse pieces of fitness equipment in the world is that you can use it for almost any kind of physical training. You can do an entire aesthetic routine with just kettlebells! Kettlebell Kings has collaborated with Mind Pump Media to create a program which is expertly designed to utilize kettlebells for the purpose of building and shaping your body for aesthetic training.

The program is called Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics (KB4A) and is designed to target your muscles and stimulate muscle growth in a different way than your normal training. This makes the KB4A program a perfect addition and supplement to more traditional, hypertrophy based programs. The main advantage of training with kettlebells for bodybuilding is in the range of motion kettlebells allow for compared to barbells, dumbbells, cables and machines.

This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout!

KB4A is a free 4-6 week training program which you can follow along with and focus on or mix in every now and then with your normal training to improve your results. Whether you follow the highly effective MAPS training protocols or not (read more through link), or add KB4A in the mix every now you will see your body improve.

View examples of sample workouts below!

How Does It Work? This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout!

Included in the free training is detailed video demonstrations and instructions by the experts at Mind Pump about how to complete each lift. Additionally, you have access to the creators of the program, their experience and advice through their site at as well as a wealth of additional aesthetic training programs they have crafted!

Included in the program is a downloadable program overview you will receive upon sign up which explains the program, lists the workouts as well as a workout log to track your progress through out the training.

Which Muscles Will You Build?

  • Chest
  • shoulders
  • Bake
  • legs
  • Arms

Mind Pump Media trains with Kettlebell Kings Steel Standard Kettlebells

Mind Pump Media demonstrates chest building movements for bodybuilding:

If you subscribe to our weekly workouts, we will be designing the format just like that. After you sign up, for the next four weeks you will receive an email at the beginning of each week which breaks down your training regimen for that week and how to apply it as well as some helpful reminders and tips for that week. Each email will list your workout each day of the week as well as links to demonstrations about how to perform each lift correctly. We like this format because it keeps your workouts new, exciting and challenging which is important to break up the monotony of knowing what is coming each week.

The training program is focused around the Foundational Workouts which are explained below. If you follow the program perfectly you will do three foundational workouts each week which are separated by either rest or skill workout days. Additionally, you could choose to mix in foundational workouts with your normal routine on different days.


ALSO, if you have any questions you can consult directly with the experts who crafted this training throughout the program!


This plus almost 30 other movements and detailed video demonstrations of all movements that are part of Kettlebell Training 4 Aesthetics.


  • Frequency: 3 days/week, with at least 1 day in between Foundational Workouts
  • Sets & Rep Range: 3 sets, 8-12 reps/exercise (Both sides for unilateral movements)
  • Rest Between Sets: 30-60 seconds between sets


  • Farmers Walks
  • windmills
  • Ovheard Load Carries
  • Suitcase Carries

We Have A Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics Training Program You Can Sign Up For Here:

This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout!

All of these movements will build you strength and help you reach your training goals! You can sign up to start our four week training program HERE ! If you have any questions you can consult directly with the experts who crafted this training throughout the four week program!

About Mind Pump:

The guys at Mind Pump have a really popular podcast in which they shed truth on health, fitness and a host of other topics by providing unique perspectives about workout programs, supplements and faux science. They are all experienced, certified professionals and are unique even in their own space because of their approach to training by incorporating tools like kettlebells into a space in which they are under utilized.

Mind Pump has collaborated with Kettlebell Kings to make some awesome videos demonstrating how kettlebells can be used for aesthetics and bodybuilding. You can find more from Mind Pump on iTunes, Sticher, Podcast Republic or Google Play. Also, check out their YouTube channel Mind Pump and their website .

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