Kettlebell Kings Sponsors Team RedGoat & Provides Kettlebells For Canadian National Championships-Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings Sponsors Team RedGoat & Provides Kettlebells For Canadian National Championships

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Kettlebell Kings is very excited to announce that we have come to an agreement with Team Redgoat Training Center in Moose Jaw, Sasketchewan to sponsor the gym, kettlebell sport team as well as provide kettlebells for the Canadian National Championships held this year at Team Redgoat Training Centre . Simultaneously, Kettlebell Kings is announcing that we have Free Shipping, No Duties and No Taxes on all orders to Canada! Kettlebell Kings website has been set to recognize Canadian visitors and all prices are viewed in Canadian Dollars.

Kettlebell Kings and Team Redgoat believe this is a really exciting step forward in Kettlebell Sport for the athletes and the events in Canada. Team Redgoat has some big plans for the events they will be putting on and the prizes that competitors will be competing for and Kettlebell Kings will be supporting those events.

The goal of the alliance between Team Redgoat and Kettlebell Kings is to further the growth of Kettlebell Sport in Canada through Kettlebell Kings promotional channels as well as put on the best Kettlebell Sport events in Canada , you can read more about upcoming events at Team Redgoat through the previous link. Through this partnership, all kettlebell sport events at Team Redgoat will have a uniform set of kettlebells Kettlebell Kings kettlebells for all lifters to compete with.

This is a major step toward bringing kettlebell sport events to a new level of professional atmosphere and providing lifters clarity with what kettlebells they need to train with in order to compete at the highest level.

This year, Team Redgoat Training Center is hosting the CKA National Championships. All Canadian lifters hoping to represent Team Canada at the IUKL World Championships will be competing at the event in Moose Jaw and full sets of Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells will be available for the platforms.

Members at Team Redgoat Training Centre

Team Redgoat Training Center owner, Mike Vandenberghe said "Team Redgoat Training Center and Team Redgoat is excited to be working with Kettlebell Kings and is looking forward to working over the coming years to help grow Kettlebell Sport events in Canada and put on great events for competitors ".

We at Kettlebell Kings are very excited to work with Team Redgoat and look forward to serving the team and competitors in Canada with high quality kettlebells, Free Shipping and No Duties or Taxes on any order at .

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