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Your First Kettlebell Sport Competition!

We are really excited to be a part of the Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open . This is one of a kind contest in the world this year in that it is made specifically for competitors who are new to Kettlebell Sport and want to try! This is a great way to be a part of your first kettlebell competition. Watch below to learn more!

What Makes This Contest Great?

It is geared towards you, the beginner, and will have training along the way by some of the world's foremost Kettlebell Sport athletes and coaches. The event is being put on by our friends Mike Salemi, Brittany Van Schravendijk and Mind Pump Media . The event will be held at the Mind Pump headquarters in San Jose! You might have read some of our previous posts by Mind Pump, they have a really popular podcast with over one million downloads per month, were recently placed in the Top 8 Fitness Podcasts by Men's Health and developed our Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics training program.

Mike and Brittany are some of the top Kettlebell Sport competitors in the country and amazingly positive and knowledgeable coaches as well. Both of them recently won at the WAKSC World Championship! Watch the video below and read about the free training program leading up to the event!

By Mike Salemi:

Here are the complete details for the 8 Week FREE Program applicable to any 1st time kettlebell competitors who enter in the Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open on May 6th at Mind Pump Media in San Jose, CA.

To reserve your spot or ask ANY question about the program and the 8 Week FREE Intro Program, please send me an email at .


  • A new program released every 2 weeks (~3x/week training) with live, in person coaching run by Kettlebell Master of Sport Mike Salemi.
  • Training will be held at a different Bay Area facility for 1-2 hours every 2 weeks to kick off each new cycle and technique progression (video recordings will be provided for distant folks/those who can't make it live).
  • There will also be various guest presenters, tips, and videos from credible Kettlebell coaches provided along the way as well.
  • A qualifying questionnaire will be sent out prior to beginning the program to determine if you would best fit into a Tier 1, or a more advanced Tier 2 programming option.
  • All programming will be tailored towards the 5 Minute Multi-Hand Switch Long Cycle Event (Clean + Jerk), however, if you are someone that has kettlebell experience and would like to challenge yourself beyond this one event, you can always enter a second event at no additional charge, however programming will only cover the one event mentioned above.
  • The first live training will be held on Saturday, March 11th. Location and time TBA as the date approaches.

This training program will be more introductory in nature, with the goal of ensuring above all that competitors feel comfortable and safe entering in their first competition, as well have a great time in the process! During the first 4 weeks I will teach what would be considered more foundational kettlebell movements, and the final 4 weeks it will be more kettlebell sport inspired. All I ask is that you do your best and commit to the process.

To reserve your spot or ask ANY question about the program and the 8 Week FREE Intro Program, please send me an email at .

Also, since this is only for first time Kettlebell Sport competitors attending the Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open, please be sure you register for the competition by filling out the Google Docs form HERE .

I look forward to supporting each of you along your journey and giving you a taste of something new, challenging, and a means to connect with an amazing community of people.

Stay strong and swing on!


**Kettlebell Kings will be offering a 10% discount off ALL kettlebells for 1st timers. The discount code will be sent out upon registering and expressing interest in the program.**

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