15 Minute Lower Body Kettlebell Workout-Kettlebell Kings

15-Minuten-Kettlebell-Training für den Unterkörper

KB KINGS WORKOUT 1: 15 MIN Lower body

Kettlebells are one of my absolute favorite tools because of the wide variety of workouts that can be performed with them. We all lead incredibly busy, stressful lives & so when I'm coaching someone into adopting healthier habits I always remind them to start small & consistent & to think of their exercise routine as a dial that they can turn & adjust as needed.

For example, maybe you're swamped at work but you know you need to start & maintain a regular exercise routine. Make it as simple & doable as possible. Keep 1 to 2 kettlebells in your bedroom in a small open area. Do a 15-20 minute kettlebell workout 2-3 times a week right when you wake up. If & when you notice you've been consistent with these workouts turn that dial & add something more, like a 30 min walk 3 times a week . Adjust & turn that dial from there. Remember fitness & health is NOT all or nothing, some weeks you may only be able to hit 2-15 minute morning workouts & some weeks you may be blasting through 3 plus all you 30 minute walks plus taking the stairs more. The important thing is that you're maintaining some level of consistency , you're not repeating the cycle of trying to do too much, quitting because it's not sustainable, restarting & therefore not seeing any results.

Do what you can now, for now, consistently. Here's a 15 minute lower body focused kettlebell workout to get you started. Love working lower body? Good news, since your lower body has the largest muscles in your body you'll likely burn more calories too. Enjoy!

KB KINGS WORKOUT 2: 20 MIN Conditioning

As I've said before, the versatility of Kettlebells makes them incredibly user friendly & great for anyone looking to be able to workout at home with minimal equipment.

I can strength train all day BUT I wouldn't be the hugest fan of cardio however I know how important it is. Research studies suggest that as little as 30 minutes a week of strength training was associated with a 10-20% lower risk of all-cause mortality & adding aerobic training to that was associated with a 40% lower risk, doubling the effect. So let's not neglect it even if you might hate it.

Instead do conditioning & cardio based workouts that YOU enjoy! For me that includes roller skating, riding my bike, & kettlebell conditioning like this 20 minute burner. Simple & effective, let's get this sweat!

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