Kettlebells and Lifting Straps: Why And How To Use Them Together

Kettlebells and Lifting Straps: Why And How To Use Them Together

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Kettlebells have become a staple in many gyms and for good reason — they are a simple, easy to use exercise tool that can be used by almost anyone. They come in varying weights from 4kg all the way up to 35kg and given the cast iron material they’re made out of they are designed to stand up to a lot of use. However, many people overlook one very efficient way to use a kettlebell: with a lifting strap. Which seems weird right?

But they’re not.

Kettlebells are amazing but...

Kettlebells are amazing fitness tools. They build core strength, improve balance, and are great for getting a nice, tight butt. It really works your posterior chain muscles and burns fat effectively. However, they can be tough to use when doing specific movements that involve lifts and overhead exercises. The solution is using lifting straps.

Kettlebell workout with lifting straps

What are kettlebells and lifting straps, anyway?

Kettlebells are usually made out of cast-iron or metal shaped into a ball with a handle at the top. They’re great not only for strength training but can be used for cardio as well. It’s a very versatile tool and touted as one of the most efficient exercise equipment you can try out.

Lifting straps help you keep a strong grip to your kettlebell or other weight lifting equipment. It may not be your first accessory you think of when you think kettlebells, but it works really well with it. By wrapping the lifting strap around your wrist and kettlebell handle. It makes it easier to hold your kettlebell for longer periods of time.

Isn’t that cheating?

Actually, no. straps are a great supplement to your regime. When used moderately, you’re not holding back muscle growth and can improve your form, reps, and grip strength.

Why use them together?

Two words: grip fatigue.

Kettlebell exercises draw their power through repetition and intensity. To increase effectiveness, you have to increase both of them. Using lifting straps stabilizes the kettlebell and helps you put more reps in, without worrying that your grip will give out mid swing. You can also focus more on power for a more explosive workout for faster results.

Additionally, some kettlebell designs have thicker handles, which makes it hard to achieve higher rep sets because your grip gives out. If you’re working on your grip, then this is no problem. But if your goal is to work those big hip and glute muscles, using kettlebells with lifting straps relaxes the hand so you can get those reps in.

Lastly, using lifting straps with your kettlebells protects your wrists and forearms from strain and discomfort, especially for beginners just starting out with kettlebell workouts.


Kettlebells and lifting straps are a match made in heaven. You can shop for your own kettlebell set here, or learn more about using kettlebells with lifting straps in our video here. Kettlebell workouts are efficient in burning fat and building muscle, while pairing it with lifting straps helps protect your wrists and helps you get more reps in. Always remember to watch your form and don’t overexert yourself. Happy training!

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