TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
TribeWOD Sledgehammer
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TribeWOD Sledgehammer

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A war hammer fitted for a king, the Odin transforms how sledgehammer workouts are done. With a vulcanized rubber head, interchangeable weight sizes to scale your conditioning, and an ergonomically designed handle to prevent the hammer head from tilting. Odin workouts can be performed without a tire, directly on the floor. Its distinctive design unshackles relentless energy to any conditioning regimen.

Upgrade from 25lb standard up to 35lb with our optional weight plates. Buy here.


  • SOLD with 25lbs plates
  • Material: vulcanized rubber and steel
  • Height: 948 mm / 37 in
  • Hammer head: 241 mm / 9.50 in
  • Tool type: training / conditioning
  • Weight: 25 Lbs / 11 Kg
  • Recommend use: any hard surface like concrete, wood, steel, and rubber floors 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Richard Holzer
Love the versatility

I love my Odin hammer and it's versatility. Versatility and size allow me to do over 20 different muscle strength and endurance exercises

Josh Barnett
ODIN Sledge

After looking at several different sledges I decided to try this one because you didn’t need a tire. I must say my training partner and I both absolutely LOVE this sledge!

David Stainer

Absolutely love it.

johanna gomez
New Favorite!!

Wife bought me this for my birthday!
A little intimidating at first, but once you swing 1 or 2 times you get hooked! 1st workout was probably 30 swings each side. It’s well balanced, gets the HR up quick, and makes you growl after each set! Great job TRIBE!

Kenneth Smith
Great Tool

As someone who doesn't always have the luxury of a regular gym, or regular workout times for that matter. The hammer has been a great addition to my workouts on the go.