Fitness Equipment Donations for HBCU's

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The Power of Fitness

We believe in the power of fitness to help people feel better, live healthier, perform better athletically and bring everyone together. Helping people form these habits earlier in life is an important part of establishing the ability to do all of those things.

For many, kettlebells are still a foreign tool that they do not how to use in order to get the most benefit out of kettlebell workouts. With one kettlebell you can unlock infinite workouts and a lifetime of better health and fitness habits.


We understand that not everyone has access to kettlebells or good coaching on how to use kettlebells. In our company, we want to do our part to help people and organizations when we can by providing them with equipment and knowledge. In the past, we have donated equipment for charity auctions and directly to service organizations and members.

Kettlebell Kings & Living.Fit are excited to be rolling out our new initiative to help historically black colleges and universities by donating kettlebells, battle ropes and resistance bands to their athletic departments and recreation centers for students. In coming months, we will be expanding our product line to include dumbbells, slam balls, sliders, pull up bars, exercise balls and more which will be available for donation. In addition to the equipment, we are donating access to our kettlebell and battle rope certifications (normally valued at $499.99 each) which are pre-approved for CEUs. We welcome inbound requests from HBCUs for equipment needs for these departments in addition to the outreach we are doing.

Currently, we have assigned members of our team to reach out to athletic directors and recreation directors at HBCUs. Members of our team are looking up the directors of their respective departments on the university websites and sending them emails letting them know about our donation program. We are excited that so far we have been able to make a donation to Bethune-Cookman University, Winston-Salem State University and Wilberforce University in the form of kettlebells, battle ropes, resistance bands and commitments of our new equipment when it arrives.

Kettlebell Kings is excited about this initiative to provide equipment to these schools. We hope that through these donations their students will discover the power of kettlebells, leading to a lifetime of interest and we can contribute to the success of their athletic departments. If you represent a university or college and are interested in this program, please email our support at

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