Feel the Strength with This 1.5 Pood Kettlebell

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It's simple - you lift weights because you want to gain strength and build muscle. You might not be looking to bulk up and be the next Mr. Universe, but burning fat and toning your body with weights is a great way to build confidence and assurance in yourself. Lifting with kettlebells is the perfect way to do both. With our selection of 1.5 pood kettlebells , you will feel the strength flowing through you.

At Kettlebell Kings, we exist to provide you with the best products available, but we also want to offer you unique and inspiring products. That's why we believe that this 1.5 pood Lion Kettlebell will have you feeling bold, strong, and ferocious when you lift. Like the kettlebell, you'll have the face and courage of a lion, the proud king of the jungle. A pood is a Russian unit of measurement and is the equivalent of approximately 36 pounds. This bell weighs in at 54 pounds, is made in America and when you order it, you'll receive free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.

Ordering your 1.5 pood kettlebell is easy. Simply select your desired quantity, check out, and you can expect your order to arrive safely and quickly. You can receive discounts when you order in bulk and if you're looking for a kettlebell set, we have options for both men and women. You'll find beneficial workouts, lifting tips, and much more on our site. Put some wildness into your next kettlebell workout by shopping with Kettlebell Kings.

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