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Be A Kettlebell Kings Gym Of The Week!

Kettlebell Kings is excited to start a new initiative in which we will feature a new gym or home gym each week! We are taking ongoing submissions from everyone who wants to show off their gym and their Kettlebell Kings!

Sharing customer content has always been a huge part of our social sharing and we are so thankful to see happy customers sharing their kettlebell training. We are going to be doing an official Kettlebell Kings Gym of the Week post on our social channels which will feature images you submit of your gym or homegym as well as your very own text about anything you want to share about your gym or your training!

Tell us about how you like to train, how long you have been training, what your goals are or who you train, what types of clients you work with, how you help them and anything else you want to share in the post!

Share with us about your gym and how you use Kettlebell Kings in your gym!

We are excited to see the submissions, you can click below to submit your gym now! Let us know how we can help you!

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