Challenge Yourself With Something New - Kettlebell Exercises

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Kettlebells are becoming more popular as the days go on, however, some people still aren't sure how to use them. Many people think that they need to be in shape to use kettlebells, which is silly. To get in shape, you should use kettlebells. Don't be shy of the ball of metal with a handle on it, it's not as scary as it may seem!

Although your local gym may not have many kettlebells to choose from, like a 1.5 pood kettlebell, here at kettlebell Kings, we've got plenty that are perfect for you. We have kettlebells for those who are just starting out, and some for those who call themselves experts. If you have never used a kettlebell before, but you have heard it's name being used, we wouldn't be surprised if it had to do with any of these popular and well known kettlebell experts:

  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Academy
  • CrossFit
  • American Kettlebell Club
  • International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation
  • Art of Strength
  • Canada's Agatsu and Kettlebell Training Academy

Any of the above bulleted points are wonderful certifying bodies that use kettlebells everyday. Some of the people who train using the above workout programs were once afraid of using kettlebells because they simply didn't know much about them. But, the good news is, here at Kettlebell Kings, we have all the information you would ever need to make sure that you are completing the movement correctly. Start shopping for your 1.5 pood kettlebell online now and visit our kettlebell workouts page to learn exactly how to use it.