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Kettlebell Sport: 4 Week Beginner Training Program

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We have posted pretty frequently breaking down the lifts involved in Kettlebell Sport. One of the most common questions we get is how to apply it. If this is your first time hearing the term Kettlebell Sport, we have published extensively on it. You can read an intro HERE, that breaks down all the lifts. What we have created for you now is a free 4 Week Training Program for beginners in Kettlebell Sport. Our goal is always to provide the absolute best training equipment and best content to help you get maximal use out of your kettlebell and your training so we have created this at no cost to you.

Kettlebell Kings has collaborated with Texas Kettlebell Academy, which trains some of the top Kettlebell Sport athletes in the United States, to develop a four week training program designed to help you get started with this method of training. Texas Kettlebell Academy also hosts the annual Texas Open which is attended by top kettlebell lifters from around the world. We highly recommend you give it a look should you decide to become more involved in Kettlebell Sport, it is in our great hometown of Austin, Texas!

Kettlebell Sport has all the elements that make for a good training regimen and workout! You build strength, endurance and test your will!

The Basics of Kettlebell Sport:

  • endurance kettlebell lifting, lifters have 10 minutes to complete as many reps as possible
  • efficiency and technique are important to maintain energy throughout set
  • lifters compete in specific lifts with either one arm or two arms

The Benefits:

  1. great goals to motivate your workouts
  2. blend of strength, endurance, balance and coordination in one workout equals efficiency
  3. build amazing mental tenacity, this carries over to other aspects of life

How Does It Work?

If you subscribe to our weekly workouts, we will be designing the format just like that. After you sign up, for the next four weeks you will receive an email each week which breaks down your training regimen for that week and how to apply it. Each email will list your workout each day of the week as well as links to demonstrations about how to perform each lift correctly. We like this format because it keeps your workouts new, exciting and challenging which is important to break up the monotony of knowing what is coming each week.

The training program is three days per week (example: M,W,F or T,TH,S), just make sure to take a rest day between days and then two days after the third day over a seven day period.

ALSO, if you have any questions you can consult directly with the experts who crafted this training throughout the four week program!

More About What The Program Involves

The four week program builds exercises designed with four kettlebells total. We recommend using 2 x 12 kilogram kettlebells and 2 x 16 kilogram kettlebells. However, depending on your current strength levels you can choose any pair of any weight and a pair that is 4 kilograms lighter.

Lifts That Are Covered In The Program:

  • Kettlebell Half Swings
  • One Arm Cleans
  • One Arm Jerks
  • One Arm Long Cycle
  • Two Arm Long Cycle
  • Kettlebell Jump Squats
  • Kettlebell Bridge Press
  • Sit Ups

All of these movements will build you strength, endurance and burn calories! You can sign up to start our four week training program HERE! If you have any questions you can consult directly with the experts who crafted this training throughout the four week program!

About The Texas Kettlebell Academy:

Coach Vyvial has the distinction of being the first student, outside of Russia, of the legendary Sergey Nikolaevich Mishin, former Russian National Team Coach, who was the first Honored Master of Sport of Russia in Kettlebells. He was also the first person in the USA to earn the rank of Master Coach under KETACADEMY. Aaron runs the Texas Kettlebell Academy which boasts the largest collection of competition style kettlebells in the United States and home of many MSIC and MS ranked athletes. He continues his education by working closely with his coaches Sergey Rachinskiy and Sergey Merkulin. Checkout to learn more about his training, coaching, online coaching and facility.

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