Kettlebell Foundations: Kettlebell Squats

Kettlebell Foundations: Kettlebell Squats

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By Doug Fioranelli

In the first article and video of the Hardstyle Series for Kettlebell Kings I broke down all the essential kettlebell deadlift movement nuances and their progressions. The deadlift is the foundation where the hip hinge pattern is established. This hip hinge pattern is essential to build a strong posterior chain and to learn how to move the body properly when we get to the hardstyle swing.

However, before we get to the swing, which will come in the next instalment, let’s strengthen up those legs and core a bit more by learning how to properly squat with the kettlebell. We have published the full post on our main site at

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Doug is training with his Kettlebell Kings Powder Coated Kettlebell

Box Squat

We have all seen those baby pictures where the child is playing in the dirt or picking up an object in a deep squat position. We all have the potential ability to do that, however we tend to lose that as we age and by adding environmental factors, like sitting in chairs all day, our squat form has become compromised.

Sometimes we just need to remind our bodies how to squat and the box squat is a great way to do so. Find a box that, when seated, the hips are close to parallel to the floor. I like to position the box so one edge is in-between the client’s legs so they sit only slightly back rather than sitting far back which can cause rounding of the upper back and the chest to drop.



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