Order Fulfillment and Restock

We are very grateful for the unprecedented demand we are receiving right now for our kettlebells. Two of the most common questions we get via email, chat or phone are about order statuses and restocks. Please take a look below for answers to those questions.

Order status updates

Order fulfillment times are posted on individual product pages. If you have a question about the status of your order please refer to that page first (links below). If your order date is outside of that expected receiving time, we will be replying to you shortly with an update. If you are still within that time frame, you will receive tracking when the order ships. Generally speaking, all product pages currently list 10-14 days as fulfillment because any order is being allowed a couple of days before we actually receive stock in order to satisfy customer demand. Here are links to product pages: Powder Coat , Competition , 40LB Adjustable , Adjustable Competition Kettlebell to view posted shipping times. We appreciate your order very much, if your order date is within that stated time frame, please accept this as the reply to the status of your order other than a direct email. Again, if your order date is outside of that time frame, we will be replying shortly.


We restock about every two weeks and recently even more often. The best thing to do is sign up for notifications on the products you are interested in as well as check the site regularly. Restocks are going almost as soon as we make them available, so those are the two methods to give you the best chance at getting what you need. We wish we could serve everyone right now. Restock notifications go out in order of sign up, if you are still waiting on one it is because we have either not restocked that item or your spot in line has not come up yet for notification. We are unable to provide specific restock dates or times on specific products or answer them via email or chat as they depend on deliveries and other factors. We are experiencing unprecedented demand, so we are unable to respond to all emails or chats about stock requests. Please accept this as your explanation about the best strategy to obtain kettlebells. We do receive restocks every two weeks and in the next month will be receiving them even more frequently to try and help all demand, so the directions above are going to give you the best chance at getting what you need. We really appreciate your interest in our kettlebells.

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