GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championship Recap-Kettlebell Kings

GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championship Recap

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Kettlebell Kings recently sponsored the GSAA Australian National Kettlebell Championships at Lonedog in Albury, New South Wales and we are really excited to report about the event! Those who placed at The Championship will be representing Team Australia at The IUKL World Championships in Seoul, South Korea this year. This was the first time in event history that uniform bells were used by all the lifters and they competed with our Competition Kettlebells . We shipped quite a bit of kettlebells to Melbourne and from there they were distributed to the event location in Albury as well as to competitors who had pre-ordered them for training.


gsaa australian national kettlebell championship recap

One of the most exciting things about Kettlebell Sport is how it is growing. Each event we sponsor has been setting attendance records for participants and spectators and this one was no different. 50 Athletes competed at The Championships which makes this the largest Australian Championships ever held. The crows reached up to 300 people with over 500 coming through during the day to support and watch the athletes. This was the first time that our Competition Kettlebells have been used at an event in Australia and as mentioned earlier this was the first time all of one type of kettlebell was used at The Championships.

One of our goals in supporting Kettlebell Sport has been to help events have uniform bells so that all lifters can train and use the same equipment. We believe this is important when establishing national teams, records and ensuring that properly weighted equipment is used.

Kettlebell Sport in general is growing greatly in Australia as it is around the world, 2017 has had the most competitors compete in GSAA events than in any previous year.


Kettlebell Kings Competition kettlebells at Australian Kettlebell Championships. Photos @RiksuPhotography

2018 is set to see another growth with the sport in Australia, with even more competitions, higher standards and another growth within memberships of the GSAA .


Kettlebell Kings is excited to announce that we will be providing our two most popular types of kettlebells to Australians in the near future. Our two most popular kettlebells are our Powder Coat and Competition Kettlebells and both will be available for shipping out of Melbourne to customers all over Australia. We are offering Free Shipping on all orders as well. We have some remaining, new inventory from the event currently warehoused in Melbourne available for immediate shipment but will have a full supply available for immediate shipment within the next 2-3 months. You are welcome to inquire at with any questions. All of our kettlebells come with a Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping, Weight Accuracy guarantees as well as over 2,000 Five Star Reviews.

We are very excited about the opportunity to sponsor The Australian Kettlebell Championships as well as serve Australians full time with the kettlebells that have helped us grow so much since we were founded in 2013!

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