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When to Increase Your Kettlebell Training Weight

We get asked frequently when one should consider increasing the weight of the kettlebell they use, the answer is it depends! Below are a few guidelines to consider before moving to a heavier weight.

General Fitness Use

Depending on your lifting goals, if you can perform these amount of reps with your kettlebell you should consider getting a heavier kettlebell

  • Strengthening specific muscles: 1-3 reps, EX: 1-3 reps of any movement like squats
  • Strengthening and building push power: 4-6 reps
  • Increasing explosiveness: 7-9 reps
  • Building endurance: 10-20 endurance.
  • Building mental toughness and conditioning 21- 100 reps

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Should you increase the weight you train with? It depends on your goals!

Pictured is the Kettlebell Kings Cast Iron Pounds Series designed for those who are used to using American style five pound increments. That and more are available at Kettlebellkings.com.

So, if your goal is one of those, and you can correctly perform that amount of reps with your kettlebell, it might be time to move up to a new weight!

Kettlebell Kings has different types of kettlebells and is known for quality!

Kettlebell Sport

With proper technique, you should be able to snatch 180 reps with a weight before seriously moving on.

Is it time to take your workouts to a heavier weight?

What Is Next?

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