Start Your Kettlebell Workouts Before the New Year-Kettlebell Kings

Start Your Kettlebell Workouts Before the New Year

You've set your fitness goals for 2016. Now you are just waiting to ring in the New Year before you get started working towards those goals. But why wait? You could get a jump start on your new fitness routine by ordering your gear and starting your kettlebell workouts now. That way you are motivated to keep working out through the New Year and all the way through 2016!

We're making it easier and more affordable to get started with your kettlebell workouts. We've put together some starter sets for both men and women . You can customize your options to get the set that's right for you. And as a bonus, you'll get 10% off of your kettlebell order during checkout! That's our way of helping you get the kettlebells you need in order to start working towards those fitness goals you've set for yourself.

Don’t forget that once you’ve got your new kettlebells, we’ve got instructions for workouts right on our website. Find out the best explosive and controlled movements to do with your starter set. You’ll have the right kettlebells for both of these types of exercises. You’ll be seeing the results in no time! Get started on getting ripped for the New Year.