Snatch Basics - Part 3

Snatch Basics: PART 3 with Lorna Kleidman

  1. 3 Ways the Bell Will Fall Into Backswing
  2. 2 Options for Stance

When the bell drops into the backswing there are 3 possible positions the handle will be in. These positions are typically dependant on the lifter’s physical proportions, the way their arm relaxes on the drop or the method they prefer.

  1. Neutral position with the lifter’s palm facing backward with the window of the bell facing forward
  2. Internal rotation of the lifter’s arm with the corner of the bell facing backward

These first two options are typically performed naturally as the arm relaxes into the backswing.

  1. External rotation of the lifter’s arm with the corner of the bell facing forward

This style will shorten the backswing a bit compared to the first two, but is preferential for some lifters.

2 Options for stance:

  1. With the bell-side foot, leg and hip open and the working leg facing straight ahead so the bell’s trajectory follows a diagonal pattern. This style creates an easy free-flowing motion with lots of room for the bell and for the body to transition its weight.
  2. With both feet parallel the bell will move in the sagittal plane. This style creates a tighter movement.

Experiment with the options for both the bell’s backswing and stance, discovering what’s comfortable for you so you can get the best results on the platform!

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Lorna Kleidman:

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World Record in 16kg Snatch

Veteran’s World Records in 24kg Snatch

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Lorna is one of longest-reigning competitive lifters in the US & best female Veteran in Snatch worldwide.

Lorna’s a Certified Personal Trainer, sport coach, author, and former massage therapist in private practice with a Bachelors in Sports and Health Science. Founder of KettleX® and SPRY® Method Fitness and Education.

Lorna has presented her courses at SCW Manias, ECA Conferences as well as JCC and Canyon Ranch locations.

Lorna lives in Manhattan with her husband.