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Kettlebell Technique | The Jump Squat

Here is another great movement for you to incorporate into your kettlebell routines.

Exciting things happening here at Kettlebell Kings, we are about to officially announce our Great Kettlebell Give Away in which winners will be chosen at random to pick kettlebells of their choosing from our site for FREE. Our big effort this year is to generate helpful videos and blog posts for you to use your kettlebell at home or the gym. In this post, Cindy Fisher, an instructor at the Texas Kettlebell Academy takes us through the full range kettlebell jump squat.

Here are the steps:

Grab the kettlebell by the horns and flip it upside down, the horns are where the handle starts sloping upward away from the body of the kettlebell twist the kettlebell around your head and shoulders to your back and rest it on your upper back squat down, past parallel and jump up using the full power of the legs

It is okay for you to lean forward during this movement because the kettlebell is on your mid back. Make sure to control for the bounce of the kettlebell on your back by using the index fingers to control the bell.

Kettlebell jump squats are a great way to incorporate strength and cardio into a workout. Try doing them in a full workout. Here is a sample workout you could do incorporating the jump squat:

Complete five arounds as fast as possible:

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Kettlebell Jump Squats

20 Around the Worlds

Always make sure to maintain good form to avoid injuries. Feel free to let us know any specific movements you would like to see more of!

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