Kettlebell Sport Snatch Basics Part 4

Snatch Basics: PART 4with Lorna Kleidman for @KettlebellKings

Listening to the Bell

Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship; the lifter and kettlebell relationship is no exception. The bell communicates with the lifter while proceeding into the backswing of its pendulum. This is where it’s most important to ‘listen’ to or feel what it’s telling you.

The most common error in Snatch is pulling the bell forcefully out of its backswing in an effort to get it back up. We’ve all done this at some point in training! But it’s the opposite of letting the bell communicate with you and leads to undesirable results such as premature grip fatigue and increased heart rate beyond what is necessary for the set.

The objective should be to feel the bell’s trajectory as it goes back, let it pause and allow gravity to guide it back out from behind of the legs. At that moment the lifter will lean back slightly and then use the acceleration pull to guide the bell into fixation.


Lorna Kleidman is a 3-time World Champion Kettlebell Sport with 5 Master of Sport Int’l Class (MSIL) and 4 Master of Sport (MS) titles. Lorna has made numerous World Records including most recently: Veteran’s World Record in 24kg Snatch,12kg 2-hr Marathon & National record in 24kg Snatch.

Although she started competing at age 42, Lorna is one of longest-reigning competitive lifters in the US. Lorna is a former massage therapist who had a private practice for 18 years, then turning her passion toward fitness once learning about Kettlebells. Soon after she began training for KB Sport on the then male dominated International platform.

Lorna’s credentials include Certified Personal Trainer, sport coach, author of Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women and Bachelors in Sports and Health Science.

Lorna is the founder of 2 fitness and education platforms KettleX® and SPRY® Method.

Lorna has presented her courses at SCW, ECA Conferences, JCC and Canyon Ranch locations. Lorna lives in Manhattan with her husband.

Available for Sport technical training in NYC or Facetime–

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