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What Makes A Good Kettlebell?

Just like almost anything, there are high quality and low quality kettlebells. At Kettlebell Kings we work hard to make all of our kettlebells really high quality. Why have we chosen to go the high quality route compared to super low priced items? We know that the quality of a kettlebell can actually affect not only an individual workout, but your overall fitness goals. If you are using a tool that does not meet the criteria below it can affect your ability to workout correctly and you will end up not using it over time or will simply be unable to because of the physical deterioration of you or the bell.

What Should You Look for in Traditional Kettlebells?

Here is a quick list of items that are really important on kettlebells, we recommend reading the full post HERE.


Competition kettlebells are all the same size and dimensions regardless of weight. This creates a uniform feelings and training experience as you move between different weights. We have a thorough dissection of what makes a good competition kettlebells on our 'What Makes A Good Kettlebell' page.

Fillers versus No Fillers

The biggest difference betwen different types of competition kettlebells is fillers versus no fillers, you can read more about how these affect your lifting on our 'What Makes A Good Kettlebell' page.

We have published before to help you determine which type of kettlebell would work best for you. You can read about that here as well as our Kettlebell Kings Community page which covers an number of frequently asked kettlebell questions like 'Which Weight Should I Train With?" and various workout programs you can use depending on your goals. If you are considering competitive kettlebell lifting you definitely need a competition style kettlebell but they are also great for high rep workouts involving snatches, jerks and clean and jerks.

What Is Next?

After you read about which type of kettlebell you need, we have a great post about determining which weight you need to train with HERE. If you already know you can view the bells through the link above!

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