Kettlebell Wrist Position - How To Rack A Kettlebell

Some of the biggest benefits of the mighty kettle are thanks to its shape & offset center-of-gravity. This also means you have to be diligent in how you actually hold the thing!

The "Bruce Lee" Position

In martial arts, the concept of "no wrist" means that a straight line is maintained from elbows to knuckles during a punch

This is the optimal way to transmit force while minimizing wrist damage.

Hold the kettlebell deep into the base of the palm, allowing the knuckles to point vertical. You may have to maneuver the bell with your free hand to find the sweet spot.

The "Broken" Wrist Position

When held shallow in the base of the fingers, the kettlebell pulls the hand backwards, creating a broken wrist angle.

This puts extreme stress on the wrist, not to mention the back of the arm, especially if a kettlebell is pressed from this position.

With a neutral wrist, you'll be safer and stronger in the rack position and at all of your favorite overhead KB lifts like Get Ups, arm bars, presses, snatches, and windmills!

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