Kettlebell Workouts That Are Fit for Anyone

If it's been some time since you really hit the gym or stuck to an exercise routine, why not start today? Begin by browsing with Kettlebell Kings and finding great deals on kettlebell sets and more. We also offer beneficial kettlebell workouts that are fit for anyone and everyone. We can recommend which weight is best to start with and how often you should lift with your kettlebells.

Kettlebells originated in Russia over 300 years ago and moved beyond an industrial use to become a popular weightlifting sport in the 1950s. Traditional kettlebells are cast in increments known as poods, with 1 pood being equivalent to 16 kilograms, or approximately 36 pounds. For someone just starting out, lighter weight and fewer repetitions are a perfect way to ease your way into kettlebell workouts. We offer kettlebell sets for both men and women, so everyone can have a weight that's right for them.

For men, you have the choice of The Knights, The Archdukes, or The Kings. Each set contains three kettlebells of differing weights and finishes, so depending on the workout you're doing, you'll have the right kettlebell. For women, we have The Fair Maidens, The Duchesses, and The Queens. These sets also come with multiple kettlebells, so every woman will have a choice of weight. And don't forget, we offer free shipping on all domestic kettlebell orders. We also have international shipping, including to APO/FPO addresses. You'll have access to fantastic kettlebell workouts, no matter where you are in the world!

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