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Kettlebell Technique | The Kettlebell Snatch

The Texas Kettlebell Academy is a great source for all things kettlebell. In our latest post, Aaron shows us the keys to performing the Snatch. The Snatch is one of the lifts which Kettlebell Sport competitors compete on in competitions. Athletes compete in different weight classes and complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes.

Look at kettlebell and watch it as it goes down. Lean body backwards but keep arm straight. Turn hand slightly to 'thumbs up' position. Release the grip, pulling the hand down and regripping the the bell into your fingers. Do not fling the bell, or rotate the bell over your hand. Weight of bell is always below the hand. The Elbow should always be lower than the hand. There should be no rotation along shoulder.

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Pictured are Kettlebell Kings Kettlebell Sport Series kettlebell, the official kettlebell of the Texas Kettlebell Academy, California Open Championship, Japan Open Championship, NorCal Open Championship and more, you get the idea.

There are many details you can use during the drop phase of the kettlebell from the overhead snatch position. These are the key details we use with everyone starting at Texas Kettlebell Academy.

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About Aaron Vyvial:

Coach Vyvial has the distinction of being the first student, outside of Russia, of the legendary Sergey Nikolaevich Mishin, former Russian National Team Coach, who was the first Honored Master of Sport of Russia in Kettlebells, a 21 time Russian champion, 7 time USSR Champion and 11 time world champion. Aaron runs the Texas Kettlebell Academy which boasts the largest collection of competition style kettlebells in the United States. Checkout to learn more about his training, coaching and facility.

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