Kettlebell Technique | hand insertion & Wrist position

Kettlebell Technique | hand insertion & Wrist position

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In our second video by Doug Seamans he shows us common mistakes by beginners. Doug goes over hand insertion and wrist position on cleans and snatches. This video also covers the pitfalls of the “death grip”. This will help those with dangerous and painful bent wrists on cleans and snatches.

Do not "death grip" the handle. Open the hand during the flip to insert it into the handle. Keep the wrist straight. The handle should be resting down low on the hand, on the heal of the hand, this should allow you to wiggle your fingers and relax your hands. The handle should not be resting in the middle of the hand causing the wrist to bend back.

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Doug Seamans is the owner and head trainer at Pride Conditioning in Charlotte NC where he offers personal training for weight loss, strength and conditioning, kettlebell sport competition training, and group fitness classes. Doug has won gold in 2014 and silver in 2015, 95kg weight class in amateur 24kg long cycle at the AKA Nationals, he has also won gold at the European Championships in Saint Petersburg Russia in 2015 and recently won 5th place at the world championships in Dublin Ireland.

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