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Kettlebell Complex: 15 Minutes - As Many Rounds As Possible

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Our friend Kelly Manzone from our recently completed, Battle Bells Challenge has created a brand new kettlebell complex for us. Kelly is a great follow on Instagram as she posts lots of kettlebell related movements and exercises as well as other mobility movements. We recommends you follow her at @kellsbells88.

By Kelly Mesko:

Kettlebell Complexes are the perfect way to fit in an efficient and effective workout in a short period of time. It is also an opportunity to incorporate moves that take the body through all planes of motion like building strength, mobility, stability, flexibility and endurance along the way. As opposed to focusing on just one movement and purpose.

Depending on the combination of exercises; you can create a full-body workout that you can perform solo or add to a standing training program. Complexes with either single or double bells are a creative way to sequence combinations that require complete concentration and focus, creating that mind muscle connection, yielding results!

This complex is a 15 minute A.M.R.A.P. That means run a timer for 15 minutes and perform as many rounds as possible of the following sequence of exercise. Starting with the Figure 8 and ending with the Split Stance Row, constitutes one round. So, try to go through as many rounds as possible. The video below demonstrates the movements in the sequence they appear.

How To Perform:
  1. Figure 8 to Hold with Reverse Lunge & Press - 10 reps
  2. Snatches each arm, 10 reps
  3. Hand to Hand Squat, 20 reps
  4. Split Stance Row, both arms - 10 reps each


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About Kelly Manzone

"I have been a personal trainer & group instructor for the past 15yrs with a passion for unconventional training methods. This past year, I became a Vintage Strength coach with GSplanet, specializing in kettlebell, mace and mobility training.
My interest in Kettlebells began in early 2008; which led to my first certification with Art of Strength in 2009 (including Onnit & GSplanet certs.) This tool is a main staple in my programming for its versatility & functionality. I would consider myself a kettlebell-hybrid...a blend of hard style meets flows/complexes and kb sport. I've long been drawn to the creativity and efficiency of incorporating Kettlebell complexes into training programs...moving through all planes of motion while building a solid foundation of strength, mobility, stability and flexibility.
A long time athlete in various sports & disciplines; my Kettlebell Sport journey began this past year. I've competed in 5 competitions over the past 7 months with AKA in 12kg Double Long Cycle and 3 mace competitions with Vintage Strength.
This girl likes to move A LOT as you can see by my IG page @kellsbells88 and I am perfectly content when there's a Kettlebell in my hand. "

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