Kettlebell Buying Guide: Everything you must know

Kettlebell Buying Guide: Everything you must know

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Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you looking for the perfect kettlebell that suits all your requirements? You are in the right place. This article will explain in detail all the things you must consider before choosing a kettlebell. This kettlebell guide helps both beginners and experts according to their fitness goals. It can obviously prevent you from wasting your money on the wrong product.

Types of Kettlebells

Without any doubt, all kettlebells are not the same. They differ in size, shape, weight, material, and other factors. There are many types of kettlebells that you may not know. There are a couple of main categories that kettlebells tend to fall under:

1. Standard Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells

2. Professional Grade Steel Kettlebells

Kettlebells are often classified based on the material used to manufacture them. Steel and iron are the two commonly used materials to make a kettlebell. This kettlebell buying guide will explain in detail the difference between both of them.

Standard Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells:

This kettlebell is made of iron. The size and dimensions of each kettlebell largely vary depending on its weight. The larger the kettlebell, the more it weighs. Smaller kettlebells in size and dimension, weigh less. The width of the handle and the other parts of the kettlebell also varies accordingly. These are what most people think of when they think of kettlebells and can be great for beginners who have just started exercising with kettlebells.

Professional Grade Steel Kettlebells

These kettlebells are made of steel. The specialty of this kettlebell is, the size and shape remain the same regardless of the weight. This means the kettlebell should always fit you the exact same way no matter what weight you use. If you are familiar with competition-style weight plates, this is the same concept. You can switch your weights up and down, and get adopted to it easily. These are traditionally used in professional kettlebell lifting competitions. Professional grade steel kettlebells are much more effective compared to standard grade cast iron kettlebells for high repetition movements like kettlebell snatch, kettlebell jerk, and clean and jerk.

Important Things to Consider

Budget can be an important consideration when you make a kettlebell purchase. We always recommend considering this as part of the purchase process. Competition kettlebells often come in traditional kettlebell colors designed to indicate the weight. Because of the steel and the crafting process, these painted kettlebells may cost you a little more than others.

If you are looking for the best of the best and bells used by professionals, we recommend professional-grade steel kettlebells.

Kettlebell Weight Selection:

Kettlebell Weight is one of the most important things to be taken into consideration. You might have heard of a kettlebell pood. This is a Russian unit of measurement often used in Crossfit style workouts. Most often, men using kettlebells for the first time can start with a one pood kettlebell. You can increase the weight according to your workout.

Here is a kettlebell chart for you to get the complete information on the weights. Choose the ideal one that suits your fitness goals. These are common recommendations, but not necessarily based on knowing you individually. Obviously, men and women may use more or less weight depending on their current state of fitness.

Beginner(just starting with kettlebells):

Men:12-16kg Women:8-12kg

Intermediate(have some experience):

Men:16-20kg Women:12-16kg

Expert (masters of kettlebells):

Men:20-24kg Women:16-20kg

The Best Place To Buy Kettlebells

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Kettlebell Price Comparison

We have a variety of pro-grade and standard grade kettlebells in all price ranges. Choose the ideal one that goes on with the budget. All kettlebells carry a lifetime warranty. For more information on the cost, take a look at our price comparison chart. Our customer service is glad to answer any of your queries regarding the kettlebells. Because our kettlebells carry a lifetime warranty and are made with the higher quality you save money in the long run by choosing us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we have received. We cover the answers to questions in this kettlebell buying guide for you to get clarity on this product.

I am a beginner. Can I use a kettlebell?

Yes. You can use a kettlebell with the ideal weight based on the kettlebell guide above. Once you get started with kettlebells, we bet you will love it and not want to stop! You'll get addicted to seeing the results. Kettlebells can improve your fitness and overall strength and balance. Do not switch to heavier kettlebells until you have mastered the form correctly.

Can I choose an adjustable kettlebell?

The adjustable kettlebell can be the best option for anyone as it is cost-effective. You need not buy kettlebells with varied weights as you have got all in one. These adjustable kettlebells can equal having 10-12 separate kettlebells. It is easy for you to switch or upgrade the weights instantly. You can alter the weight of the kettlebell according to the exercise you do with it. It can save you time, shelf space, and money.

When should I upgrade to the heavier kettlebell?

Make sure that you are moving perfectly and not strained at your current training weight. If so, consider increasing your weight to improve strength. If not, stick to your current weight for some time and master it.

Are kettlebells worth spending for?

Of course, it is! You should never consider spending on kettlebells waste as it is like spending money on yourself and your future. The benefits of kettlebell training can go far beyond fitness purposes. Imagine the results you want from kettlebell training and work toward it!

Now that you have read the complete guide, you are clear with your choice. Place your order for the ideal kettlebells for your goals. Take your fitness goals seriously to get the best result that you always dreamed of. Have a look at our kettlebells and place your order. We have loyalty programs to help you earn discounts on any purchases!

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