Introducing Steel Standard Kettlebells

Introducing Steel Standard Kettlebells

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You might think selling kettlebells is a pretty standard operation, but like any business that seeks to meet customer needs and innovate that is not the only case. Not only do we strive to create kettlebells with perfect dimensions and high quality, but we also try to innovate with our kettlebells as much as possible. So we do have a few different kettlebell products that are completely original to Kettlebell Kings or that we were the first to carry. Our efforts have led to the release of our Adjustable Kettlebells and Kettlebell Sport Series, both of which have been very popular and now our Black Steel Standard Kettlebells.

What We Desired To Create:

  • An affordable/high quality kettlebell different than what people are used to

  • Introduce kettlebell enthusiasts to competition style bells

    • All kettlebells in this series are the same size and dimensions regardless of weight. Even though kettlebells are fairly mainstream, most folks are not familiar with competition style bells. Training with bells that are the same size and shape regardless of weight creates a more uniform experience as your hands, wrists and forearms will always fit the bell the same way regardless of weight. All handle diameters are 33mm.

  • A model that looks different from our traditional competition style bells

    • Competition bells are colored to an international standard, we thought some customers might not like being forced to buy a particular color because that is the training weight they need

  • Weight increments more people are familiar with

    • A lot of lifters still hesitate when they see kilograms. Most of us have trained our whole lives with 'American style' five pound increments. So for this reason a lot of people forego high quality kettlebell options for lesser quality because of the unfamiliarity with the weight increments

  • An easy way to identify weights

    • Color coding is valuable for easy identification of weights in the gym, even though we made the kettlebells all black we still have colored bands on the handles as well as the weight imprinted on the band so you can easily identify a weight among all your other kettlebells


We are really happy with how these kettlebells turned out. Customer feedback has been really positive so far as well. We have a number of customers who bought the older version which were all different colors and they have expressed how happy they are with not only how the bells feel, but also how they look.

We base almost all of our product decisions on customer needs and feedback, before producing this series we put test models onto our social media accounts to gauge feedback and ideas.

What Is Next?

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