Great Kettlebell Giveaway: Winners Announced-Kettlebell Kings

Great Kettlebell Giveaway: Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest! From our perspective it was a huge success! We had thousands of entries and over a thousand from folks who have not purchased from us before. We really appreciate everyone who entered and are honored that so many people would want our products. Below is a video we created of the drawing process so you can verify the authenticity of our contest. We will be contacting winners shortly with the email addresses they provided, so if you watch the video and think you might be a winner watch out for an email from in your in box or spam folder.

The winners below contain a first name and an entry number so we can track your email in our database. The video explains how it was done, but if you think it might be you, be on the lookout for the email!

Fourth Prize: John-514

Third Prize: Philip-649

Second Prize: Heather 928

First Prize: Nic 552

Winners were drawn at random using

If for some reason winners are ineligible per the rules of our contest or do not answer within 7 days of our initial email contacting them, the winners below them will be bumped up to the next prize level and we will re-draw for the lower prizes. So, for example if 2nd place is ineligible, 3rd and 4th place will become 2nd and 3rd and we will re-draw for the 4th place winner.

This was such a big success, we will most likely run another one at some point. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for videos about movements and technique, as well as our blog here which you can subscribe to in the right side column. We also send out workouts each week which you can subscribe to HERE, so you can have endless ideas for your kettlebell workouts.

Oh, and we sell some of the best kettlebells available in the world!

Let us know how we can help.855-7KETTLE

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