Why You Should Buy Kettlebells

Kettlebells are ideal for building muscle in your lower back, legs, and shoulders. It is also good for building grip strength and, because of these benefits, is a popular exercise for rock climbers. The basic movements involved with a kettlebell such as jerk, snatch, and swing engage a variety of muscle groups in such a way that you are building strength for practical, everyday activities. When you buy kettlebells, you are investing in a tool that is invaluable in its ability to offer full body strengthening and increase your calories burned.

Kettlebell training is typically focussed around high repetition rather than high weight. For example, many people who buy kettlebells use them for high intensity circuits of 20 or more reps. These can burn about 6.6 calories per minute which is the same as if you were running at a 6 minute/mile pace. These can be very beneficial to an overall healthy lifestyle are are proven to increase mobility and range of motion when used correctly and carefully.

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