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Kettlebell Life Hacks

What is a Kettlebell life hack? A kettlebell life hack is any use of your kettlebell, the box and case it comes in, which you can use for something besides just kettlebell workouts. Think of it has creative recycling or multi use!

We have a few ideas for some Kettlebell Life Hacks already which we will outline below, but the point of this post is to be interactive so we would love to see and hear your contributions in the comments section below! The best ones will be added onto this post in updated versions and we will credit the creator. Our goal for this post is to be ongoing and always contributed to by the kettlebell community so we can continually update it based on reader submissions and give the community great ways to re-use your kettlebell and the boxes we ship them in.

Kettlebell transport

A frequently asked question we get is if we are aware of any way to transport kettlebells without having them roll around in the vehicle. For a long time we tried to envision carrying cases we could create for the kettlebells, but something just did not seem right on any idea we came up with. Then Instagram user @colefitnessindy tagged us on an image of him transporting all his Kettlebell Kings bells to an event! The answer was right in front of us all along! Since we posted that image, a number of you have written us asking for Styrofoam casing, on your next purchase just ask in the order notes if you need some!

All Competition Kettlebells and Steel Standard Kettlebells come in Styrofoam cases designed to protect them during shipping. Admit it, almost everyone trashes these, but these are a great thing to hold onto in order to transport your bells and make sure they are not rolling around and banging into each other or something else during transport. If you stack these up somewhere they only take up about a square foot of room. GOOD NEWS! Pretty soon ALL Kettlebell Kings kettlebells will be shipped in similar packing. So, whether you purchase traditional style kettlebells or competition style bells, you will have similar packing you can use to transport your bells in.

Robot soldiers and more

Depending on what you order from Kettlebell Kings, you might be getting multiple boxes based on how we package them. At the very least, all kettlebells are getting double boxed into the Kettlebell Kings box pictured to the right, but often times on orders with multiple kettlebells you are getting the bigger box with smaller boxes inside. You can create all kinds of robots, soldiers, spaceman, shields and more with the Kettlebell Kings boxes. This idea was inspired by Mike Salazar of Evolution Fit Chicago account on Instagram, EvoFitMike, in which he posted his son going to town as a robot soldier with full on sword and shield. Kettlebell Kings logo makes for a great crest on armor and shield!

There are a number of great sites on the internet which list all the different things you can do with cardboard for kids, we would love to see you share these on Instagram with #kettlebellkings. Here are 20 Simple Cardboard Activities For Kids. If you have a new idea, we would love to see it or hear about it! Just post in the comment section at the bottom!

Door stops

Okay, this might the easiest one, but we could not just leave it out and wanted to start you with three ideas. Here is the Kettlebell Kings doorstop pitch: Kettlebell Kings kettlebells are also doorstops that will last for centuries. All of our doorstops come with Lifetime Warranties, that is not something that any doorstop company can offer you. Those rubber door stops simply cannot hold heavy doors or last as long as Kettlebell Kings steel and cast iron doorstops. If you need to hold the door open for an extended period of time and do not have someone to hold it for you, just place Mr. Kettlebell Kings down there and he is glad to help. Or if you fall off the workout wagon from time to time as we all do, you will at least have an eternally lasting doorstop!

What Do You Have?

Our goal for this post is to give you some fun and creative ideas for the extra packaging and kettlebells that you get from Kettlebell Kings. Also, we would love this to become a collaborative effort, so if you have any other suggestions or specific uses for the boxes, cases, bag or bells, we would love to see them shared in the comment section below and add them in future amended versions of this post. So, let's hear what you have!


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