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Kettlebell Kings Review by Strength Matters

We were honored recently when the team from Strength Matters reached out to us asking to try out our Powder Coat Kettlebells. Strength Matters is one of the preeminent training organizations in the world and works quite a bit with kettlebells. Founders of Strength Matters were some of the earliest recognized kettlebell trainers in Europe.

Additionally, the team at Strength Matters knows exactly what it is like to manufacture and sell kettlebells as their founder, James Breese, operated a kettlebell company in the U.K before moving into the full time world of training content.

We really enjoy speaking with people who have been in kettlebells longer than we have and it is fascinating to hear the stories of what it was like training with kettlebells and selling kettlebells in the last 20 years. Kettlebell Kings has benefited greatly from those who laid some of the groundwork for kettlebell training the world.

Have a look at the review which Strength Matters created for our kettlebells below and check out their website for answers to training related questions at

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