Vibration plate Home 2.0
Vibration plate Home 2.0
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Vibration plate Home 2.0

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Training effect

The vibration training strengthens its muscles, fights your stored fat and ensures a tighter complexion for you. It is an efficient and time -saving form of training, the origin of which lies in astronaut training.


The vibration plate is very compact and can be stowed anywhere. Just about 60 cm tall and only about 15 kg, this handy vibration plate always guarantees intensive training. Control takes place comfortably with a remote control and can be operated from any training position.

The large frequency range from 35 to 50 Hz allows stretching exercises and targeted strength training. So every muscle fiber is trained in the body.


Color: as shown
size: 60 x 57 x 15 cm
Weight: approx. 12 kg
Shipping weight: approx. 14.7 kg
Art: vertical vibrating
buffer: Standard suspension
Training area: 46 x 45 cm
max. User -Gew.: 120 kg
engine: DC engine
Programs: 3
frequency: 35 - 50 Hz (5 Hz - steps)
amplitude: fixed (1-2 mm)

brand quality

Put on powrx ® and thus over 10 years of experience in the field of vibration training and fitness. With our fitness articles, we were able to inspire over 500,000 customers, including many celebrities and professional athletes, and support them in their fitness goals.

NEW: incl. Full version Android app with over 50 exercises with over 50 exercises including video instructions, the Powrx < Span style = "Font-Weight: 400;" Data MCE fragment = "1" Data-mce-style = "font-Weight: 400;"> ®

Home app The largest selection of fitness exercises on the vibration plate. Create your individual training plans or simply use the finished courses.

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