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Unsere brandneue, verstellbare Streitkolbenglocke wurde entwickelt, um Ihrem Streitkolbentraining Vielseitigkeit zu verleihen und Ihnen im Vergleich zum Besitz eines vollständigen Satzes Streitkolbenglocken Geld zu sparen. Die verstellbare Keulenglocke kann auf unterschiedliche Gewichte eingestellt werden. Voll beladen wiegt es 20 Kilogramm, aber im Inneren befinden sich vier Platten mit einem Gewicht von 2, 3, 3 und 5 Kilogramm, die eine nahezu unbegrenzte Kombination von Mace Bell-Trainingsgewichten ermöglichen. Ohne eines der Gewichte oder die obere Hälfte, die auf der Keule eingerastet ist, wiegt die Glocke 4 Kilogramm. Ohne Platten, aber mit vollständig intakter Glocke wiegt unsere verstellbare Keulenglocke 7 Kilogramm. Y Trainieren Sie mit einem dieser Gewichte: 4,6,7,9,10,12,13,14,15,17,18 oder 20 Kilogramm! Abmessungen: Von oben nach unten: 48 Zoll Glocke: 7,5 Zoll Stange zu Glocke: 40 Zoll Kugel am Ende: 1,5 Zoll Schraubenschlüssel zum Festziehen der Innenschraube derzeit nicht enthalten. Es kann ohne befestigt werden.


Customer Reviews

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Mike R.
Solid Product

Great service and the Mace has s fantastic training tool.

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William S.
Perfect handle and adjustable weight!

Love this mace! The handle fit perfect into our hands and changing weights is straight forward. No loose anything when using the mace.

Highly recommended!

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Marcus E.
Adjustable Mace

The mace is awesome! How much more weight can fit? The delivery sevice busted the box. The integrity of the mace is fine. The top of the handle has a big dent. I recommend styrofoam on the top too. Thank you! Can't wait to show it off!

Hello, thanks for sharing. You should expect to receive products from us in pristine condition, we pad these quite a bit these to make sure it does not happen. Please email us at so that we can take immediate action to help you.

Josh S.
Its ok.

Its a cool product with a lot of adjustment while still looking like a mace. The finish work is not that great though. Mine was dented on the bottom of the handle and had some paint chips and the screw for the lid does not line up so you have to force it down and the pressure of the screw eventually makes it line up when its all the way in. I kind of wish I would have got a Shoulderok now that I have this one. It looks really well made and you just put your own weights on it but this will work for what I wanted it for.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are a couple important things to mention. The lid does line up, you need to line it in a specific way so that it fits snug. There is essentially a 'tooth' that lines up in a slot to lock it into place. You do not want to force it into place. This is so that it stays in place during lifts. If you are using pressure to close it, then it is not being done correctly. As far as paint chips, this is highly regrettable. You should expect to receive packages from us in pristine condition. We double wrap the handles and heads of the mace so there is no damage during shipping. Please forward images of what you have received to and we will make sure to take care of you immediately.