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The best money can buy!

My second.
If I had three arm I would have bought third.
Just like my first I had to file down the sharp inside edge and pad the bottom before adding the first plate. That makes the tightening easier and no risk of cutting the hand. Good to go! Let’s Swing!

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Juris Klimans
Did not receive it yet...

Only 1 out of 2 items arrived from the order.
Still waiting for the kettlebell...

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Tommi Saastamoinen
My order

I'm still waiting my order to arrive...
Is it lost in a way?

Kettlebell is ok (not amazing). Service is useless. Shipping took 8 months.

I bought the kettlebell the day it came back in stock, they did not ship it. This was Aug/22. I emailed them and they wold me it wasn't in stock (?) After several months of emailing them every few months they realised they'd lost my order, so they created a new order number and it still took a few months.
From the time I bought the kettlebel to when I got it. 8 months passed, I emailed several times and not a single one was anyone helpful o apologetic about it. 100% will not buy again. l


received damaged item

High quality kettlebell, poor website only in German language

How is it possible don’t have an English website?
Why each promotion is available only in USA?
I would like to see more attention for the European customers

TribeWOD Hammer
Riccardo Capitanio
Un martello da allenamento degno di Thor

Ottimo attrezzo per allenamento di materiale solido e non scivoloso con anche un'estetica accattivante.

This kettlebell is just plain excellent! I’ve been using it set at 28 kg for the past three weeks, and both bolts are just as tight as when I configured it on day one! It’s build like a tank 👌🏽

Battle Rope Green
Pascal Böhm

Battle Rope Green

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Massimiliano Sicuro


Una inteligente manera de tener muchas kettlebells

Estoy encantada. Tenía ya 8 kettlebells de competición y para tener parejas de esos pesos me habría tenido que gastar un dineral. Con esta kettlebell ajustable es muy sencillo. El mecanismo es simple pero muy efectivo y bien pensado. Solo me gustaría mas si tuviera el logo de kettlebell kings

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Roberts Pazemecks

I have not received my package yet, still waiting on delivery.

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Arnaud Terrade
The real deal

Nice to grind with proper tools!!!

Competition Kettlebell
Anssi Karjalainen
Competition kettlebell

I bought 24kg kettlebell. It was better what i expected. To this day i have used kettlebells that are official competition bells used in sport events in my country and marketed "best on market". When i got my hands on kettlebell kings competition bells, it was so much better. Handle feels really good and size is perfect. Now i need to convice my wife with flowers so i can get few more of these.

Well made kettlebell

Though my time with kettlebells is not a long one (I had 2 before buying this one), this is the best kettlebell I ever had in hands. Really well made. Delivery was pretty quick, considering it had to travel through a couple of countries.

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Jose Luis Lopez de Garayo
Great kettlebell, with a big scratch on the handle

The product itself is fantadtic, unfortunately it arrived with a non negligible scratch on the coating on the handle.

TribeWOD Hammer
Matthias P.
WOD of the Gods

It's not only a great piece of craftmanship but also a great workout tool. Never thought training would be so much more challenging than with regular kettlebells. Got the 25lbs and the 35lbs version and they both worked very well. I'm heavily impressed.

Competition Kettlebell
Tamás Pásztor

Competition Kettlebell

Very useful for home gyms

The protector is a bit tricky to put on and definitely takes two hands. Once you get it on it fits great, feels good and makes a huge difference putting the bells down on wood flooring. Would definitely get again.

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Θεανω Ρουσσου

Excellent customer service.
I love the grip, the material (coated) is super fine, very friendly in use.Thank you!

KB are great, delivery sucked

Ordered 2 adjustable kettlebells. The first one is spotless. The second one has some paint build up at the bottom which makes it uneven. Going to sand it down, but did not expect that at this price.

The second KB also did not come with tools to change weight!

The adjustable KB was shown as available online, delivery time around 3 working days. I ordered because I knew I would be home the next week. The actual delivery was 2 weeks later. Unfortunately there was no shipment tracking available. The shipping company did not call me to schedule a delivery. I was not at home and the KB were dropped off at my neighbors (older woman, who was to polite to refuse the 2x32kg packages). Contacted the delivery company to complain and offer suggestions on how to do better. Was basically told it was my fault because there was no real phone number in their system. Please ask for a valid phone number during the order process letting people know that it will be used to schedule delivery.

Kettlebell and shipping

Kettlebell is great - it's really well made and I'm happy with it. What I didn't like was order fulfillment and delivery which took over 1 month (41 days) from ordering to shipping - I placed the order on Dec 7th 2022 and it was shipped on Jan 18th 2023.

European competition ikmf

Look forward to using this at an ikmf kettlebell event. When will you be sponsoring one ?

Best Bells

Best bells I’ve had.
First delivery came surprising, without notice. Overall I’m really happy with Kings! (except the price increase)

12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell