Slam Ball

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Slam Ball Designed to absorb impact and reduce bounce  Long term use with durable surface construction Textured on the surface for better grip Available in 5 to 100 lbs  Ships separately from kettlebells. If ordered with kettlebells, this might arrive separately and will have separate tracking Diameters:  5LB to 20LB - 9 inches  25LB to 60LB - 11 inches  40LB to 100LB - 13 inches   Combine with our kettlebells, battle ropes, heavy jump ropes and more for an intense, muscle building workout. These slam balls are the end of product of much testing by our master trainers in their workouts with a variety of others. These are designed to absorb impact for tough slamming in your workouts, but can also be used as medicine balls and a variety of other training uses.         

Weight: 5 LB
Weight: 5 LB

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