Competition Kettlebell Wrap
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Competition Kettlebell Wrap - Floor Protector

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Fits all our competition kettlebell models including 33 and 35mm handles as well as Fitness Edition LB competition kettlebells. Over the years a number of customers have asked us about how to protect their floors when lifting kettlebells at home. We created the Kettlebell Wraps with this in mind! Each wrap is made for the specific dimensions of our competition kettlebell and is designed to provide layers of protection for both the floor and your bell. The wrap will soften the blow when setting down the kettlebell which will keep your floor from getting marked up as well as protect the paint on the edge of the kettlebells to prevent premature chipping! One size fits all for competition kettlebells! Made in Illinois! Product Features: Build-in rubber base for superior shock absorption (same rubber used in commercial gym floors) 3mm neoprene sleeve to protect the bells Toughtek® abrasion-resistant grip fabric is rugged and non-marking 2” Velcro joins the sleeve together under the handle of the bell How to put on your Kettlebell Wraps: Step 1: place the wrap on the ground Step 2: place the kettlebell in the wrap Step 3: pull the wrap over the kettlebell Step 4: join the two sides with the built- in Velcro under the handle Step 5: reposition the sleeve to ensure seams run parallel with the sides of the bell

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