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Powder Coat Kettlebell

Sehr froh über den Einkauf

Verarbeitung und Qualität sind perfekt. Durch meine beiden 16kg Powder Coated Kettlebells ist mein Workout wieder aufregend, herausfordernd und abwechslungsreich geworden. Ich freue mich aufs trainieren.

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Bernhard Schoon
Die ist super!

Produkt der Spitzenklasse, vor allem Verarbeitung und Design

best kettlebell to save money

very high quality, handle is very well made also the rest of the bell.
no noise whatsoever from the inside weights, if not known i would not say that it was an adjustable kettlebell from how solid it feels.
Not buying single kettlebells anymore

Beste Kettlebells!

Competition Kettlebell
Kenneth Sundén
Love them!

Best competition kettlebell I have ever used. Feels great in every way.

Best kettlebell

This is only the second bell I've ever bought, yet it feels so much better than the GorillaSports bell. The adjustability makes it also a no-brainer from an financial perspective. Won't need to purchase another, unless I want to have double bells or want to push past 32kg. I don't think the latter will happen 😃.
It is very comfortable when snatching high volume.

Stainless Steel XL JUG
Telmo Magalhaes Oliveira
High quality

the jug is very high quality, good size, good materials and it seems durable.

very happy with the product

16 kg

Sehr gute Verarbeitung und Qualität. Die Oberfläche ist schön glatt und frei von jeglichen scharfen Kanten ( wie es leider bei no-name Kettlebells der Fall ist), ich bin begeistert.

Rundum zufrieden

Power Bag Deluxe
Giovannipietro Gavassino
Sturdy and at the right price

Bought a 30 kg sandbag to start training sandbags in addition to my kb regimen. So far so good, the bag is sturdy and nicely shapen, not too big nor too small, grip is comfortable on hands.

a solid tool, very sturdy

well-built and solid, great to work with and very versatile, can recommend it!

Competition Kettlebell
Giovannipietro Gavassino
Excellent as usual

Long time Kettlebell Kings fan and not disappointed one bit. Top notch quality and fast delivery service, keep up the good work guys.

16 Kg Competition Kettlebell

Wirklich angenehm zu bewegen, auch am Körper angenehm. Im Sommer schön kühl. Ich bin letztendlich froh, kein günstigeres Produkt ausgewählt zu haben. Das Loch als unterstützende Griffvariante zu benutzen, ist auch nett.

Gymnastikmatte Soft 190 cm
Diana Dörner

Gymnastikmatte Soft 190 cm

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Peter Stoychev
Kettlebell Kings 32kg. "It"

It's awesome! Ultimate Minimalist Instrument! The quality of the bell is great, already started my new Snatch Challenge with it! Thank you for delivering!


I ordered these because I’d had some really good customer service on a purchase a few yes back during the pandemic. There’s nothing bad I can say about the product or the company right now! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The best money can buy!

My second.
If I had three arm I would have bought third.
Just like my first I had to file down the sharp inside edge and pad the bottom before adding the first plate. That makes the tightening easier and no risk of cutting the hand. Good to go! Let’s Swing!

High quality kettlebell, poor website only in German language

How is it possible don’t have an English website?
Why each promotion is available only in USA?
I would like to see more attention for the European customers

TribeWOD Hammer
Riccardo Capitanio
Un martello da allenamento degno di Thor

Ottimo attrezzo per allenamento di materiale solido e non scivoloso con anche un'estetica accattivante.

This kettlebell is just plain excellent! I’ve been using it set at 28 kg for the past three weeks, and both bolts are just as tight as when I configured it on day one! It’s build like a tank 👌🏽

Battle Rope Green
Pascal Böhm

Battle Rope Green

Una inteligente manera de tener muchas kettlebells

Estoy encantada. Tenía ya 8 kettlebells de competición y para tener parejas de esos pesos me habría tenido que gastar un dineral. Con esta kettlebell ajustable es muy sencillo. El mecanismo es simple pero muy efectivo y bien pensado. Solo me gustaría mas si tuviera el logo de kettlebell kings

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Roberts Pazemecks

I have not received my package yet, still waiting on delivery.

Powder Coat Kettlebell
Arnaud Terrade
The real deal

Nice to grind with proper tools!!!